Free Video Training: 3 Steps to Charging Your Worth as a Social Media Manager

Are you still dropping your prices to suit potential clients? 

Do you still say yes to everything your clients want you to do WITHOUT getting paid any extra? 

Feel undervalued and overworked


When I started my first business as a Social Media Manager, I undercharged a lot. 

I didn't VALUE myself. 

I didn't appreciate the ENORMOUS ROI I could get for clients. 

I had NO CLUE what I was 'supposed' to be charging for my services. 

I was DESPERATE to secure the next client just so I could pay my bills. 

Everywhere I looked online, other SMM's and VA's were talking about their $5k & $10k months and I was still STRUGGLING to make $1k. 

I started taking on clients who didn't VALUE me and weren't the right fit for me. 

I became so OVERWHELMED with all the work I was trying to do but CONTINUED to try to sign more and more people. 

The more overwhelmed I was, the more my CONFIDENCE disappeared and the IMPOSTER'S voice in my head grew louder and louder. 

"You're such a FRAUD."

"Your results aren't GOOD ENOUGH"

"You don't DESERVE success"

It got to the point where, before I'd even sent a proposal to a client, I was LOWERING the price. 

Enough was enough

It was time to take ACTION

I began to slowly work on my MINDSET, tackle my issues with MONEY and build up my CONFIDENCE

Within 4 weeks I'd: 

• Raised my rates from £115 to £400 per platform PER MONTH

• Said NO to the potential customers who'd asked to lower my prices

CONFIDENTLY ask to be paid for the extra work I was taking on

Not only did my CONFIDENCE increase but I began to VALUE who I was and what I had to offer.

And because of this:

• My relationships with my clients IMPROVED

• I was delivering BETTER results because I felt VALUED 

• I was able to take on a smaller number of clients but EARN MORE money

I want to help you do the same

I've put together this video training to help you:

• Raise your rates with CONFIDENCE

• Have MORE TIME with your family & friends 

• Recognise how VALUABLE you are

I took ACTION to transform my MINDSET, improve my SELF WORTH and build up my CONFIDENCE and now I want to help you do the same.


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