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Having suffered with anxiety and stress for the last ten years, it wasn't until I discovered mindset work that I actually realised just how powerful our minds are. 

At its worst, my anxiety would leave me unable to get out of bed and at 20, I was nearly fired from my job for taking too much time off sick. 

I suffered from panic attacks, social anxiety and would spend all my time in my room watching YouTube videos of people living the life I wanted to have. 

Coming off the contraceptive pill made a huge difference to my anxiety.

It was as if a cloud had been lifted and I could see again for the first time in years. 

I didn't put two and two together until I tried to go back on the pill - within 3 weeks the same feelings of constant fear, judgement from others and anxiety returned. 

At 21, I decided to face my fears and travel the world. Solo. 

At 25, I was suffering from panic attacks again. But this time, the panic attacks could happen any time, any where which meant I'd feel anxious all the time, dreading the next attack. 

At 26, I started my first business as a Social Media Manager after my boyfriend and I moved to the island of Utila, Honduras. 

Whilst my stress levels were considerably lower than in my 9 to 5, the pressure of getting clients meant that imposter syndrome began to show up daily. 

I doubted my abilities, I thought my clients didn't like me and I was constantly over delivering. 

8 months into my business, I decided to hire my first coach. 

My gut was telling me we weren't the right fit but my anxiety was desperate to find the answers to make me more successful. 

My coach introduced me to self care and encouraged me to meditate often. 

Although our time together didn't quite work out, I learned a lot about looking after myself and had a peek into what mindset work was. 

At 27, I hired my second coach who focused very much on mindset. 

I'd hit a wall in my business, my anxiety was beginning to return and I felt completely lost and unfulfilled. 

During our first few sessions, we focused on mindset work and getting clear on what made me really happy. 

For the first time, I was thinking about what I wanted, not what I thought I should be doing. 

The most important part of my day isn't promoting myself, hopping on calls or networking online. 

The most important part of my day is working on my mindset, listening to what my body needs and following the guidance of my intuition. 

The reason I'm so excited for you to join me in this webinar is because for months, I heard people talk about mindset work but not only was I pretty sceptical about it, I never really understood what it was. 

I can't wait to share with you the importance of working on your mindset and help you to understand what mindset work really is

Over the past 10 months, I've increased my confidence, I know how to tackle imposter syndrome and I've reduced my anxiety so much. 

This webinar is going to share with you the exact steps I take on a daily basis to live more calm, confident and happy life. 

If you have any questions after you’ve watched the webinar, please send an email to - I’d love to help you as much as I can.

Enjoy! X

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