How to Double Your Reach on Instagram Stories

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To grow your brand, you need to get visible. 

Instagram Stories is a great way to build your confidence in front of the camera before hopping on to a Facebook Live. 

But if you can only reach the people already following you, what's the point? 

First of all, you want your followers to feel like they know you and chatting away on Insta Stories or sharing a snap of what you're up to is a great way to do this. 

Secondly, you can reach EVEN MORE people by doing these two simple things: 

• Add your location 

• Add a hashtag 

Adding your location, especially if you're a brick + mortar business or want to attract people in a specific area, is crucial to attracting your dream clients. 

For example: 

A hair salon in Covent Garden has just finished with a client and they take a snap of the beautiful, bouncy blow dry they've just given to them. They upload it to Insta Stories, tag the location (either their salon - depending on how well known it is - or a general 'Covent Garden' if they want to attract new clients) and instantly their story has not only appeared in their feed but has also appeared in the Covent Garden story - increasing the reach A LOT. 

Likewise, double things up with a hashtag and a location, and you've just doubled, even tripled your reach. 

So how do you add a location or hashtag? Check out this pdf: How to Add a Location to Your Instagram Story


Top Tip

Try to use less popular hashtags with less than 500,000 posts as this will increase your chances of appearing on the story. Hashtags with millions of posts will mean your content gets lost amongst the other stories.

Have you started using Insta Stories yet? 

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