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As a Confidence Coach

Rebecca Hawkes Testimonials

“Choose Rebecca she's the best friend you need to grow into success. If I didn't know any better I would say Rebecca is a gardener of entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs. She's not afraid to get her hands "dirty" putting in extra work and care for someone who is as passionate about blooming themselves as she is about seeing her own entrepreneurial growth.

I felt energized and capable of making this work. I felt like I wasn't crazy for having this dream.

I feel like Rebecca truly out did herself! I feel like she deeply cares for me and my vision. This personalized plan and guide to success was just easy to follow. It made you put your passion and dreams together into something that will work for your clients.”

Brandice Johnson after a full day virtual workshop


“After a strategy call with Rebecca, all of my doubts and concerns were diminished and I left with a clear plan of how to make the leap towards the job of my dreams! She is calm, kind and a fantastic listener. She genuinely cares about her clients and I felt valued and like I could do anything.”

Han Talbot

“Scenario 1 in which I DON'T book a Pricing Power Hour with Rebecca: I faff about in indecision, undercharge because I don't feel I'm worth it, and lose the potential clients I've lined up. 

Scenario 2 in which I DO book a call with Rebecca: I package my services up in 3 lovely options at different price points that are good for me AND my clients, stick it in a Canva doc and send it off with confidence that YES, I am worth it! 

If you don't want to waste time, undercharge and lose clients, do yourself a favour and make this tiny investment in yourself - I've made the money back almost instantly by not putting stupidly low prices on my services. Thank you Rebecca for offering this - it's absolute gold-dust.”

Tamsin Crimmens: https://wearecurioussouls.co.uk/

“I've been following Rebecca on social media since the start of the 2018 and I'm so thankful that we connected.

Rebecca goes above and beyond to provide the most amazing value and advice for Social Media Managers.

Thanks to Rebecca I've had the confidence to increase my prices and actually value my worth!

Rebecca puts her heart and soul into all her coaching work and anybody that has the chance to work with her is incredibly lucky.

Thank you Rebecca for your love and support and for being part of my business journey.”

Amy Crumpton, Social Media Manager & Coach: http://www.social-cactus.com

“I found Rebecca on Instagram and as soon as I saw her content, I was drawn to her. At the time, I was a social media manager and was looking for some clarity on where to take my biz. My heart wasn’t in social media but I was scared to take the plunge into Pinterest services and needed some outside perspective to get clear on things.

Chatting with Rebecca really gave me the direction & confidence I needed to just do the damn thing. She is so kind, friendly and helpful and always made sure all my questions were answered. She helped me come up with a timeline of things I needed to reach my goals and she reassured me that I was stronger than my fears. You need to work with her!”

Angela, Pinterest Management & Content Marketer: https://www.goldenoasismedia.com

“When I heard about Rebecca's 30-day Voxer coaching program, I was intrigued but I thought that there was no way she could help me more than I could help myself. My mindset was completely and exclusively focused right where I wanted it, on my business. Within 8 hours I witnessed 3 people that I admire state how mindset has played such an important part in their journey and quickly retreated and asked Rebecca to take me on.

I feel so lucky that she did. My positivity within myself grew tremendously within the first week, and for the first time, I felt that I had someone on my side that understood exactly where I was in my journey and how to navigate to the outcome I wanted.

Working with Rebecca has allowed me to see how my wellbeing directly affects my business, and that it's vital that I put myself first. I'm amazed at how this program has lead to an increase in confidence in running my business, and most importantly, how I've been able to portray this to business owners as I pitch for bigger and better contracts.

I'm so proud of what I've achieved in 3 short weeks and know that it's all down to Rebecca teaching me the skills that I need to push myself forward every day. I feel so lucky to have found the perfect coach for me so early in my business journey and I can't wait to see how else we can work together once I finish this program.”

Katie Wells, Social Media Manager & Founder of Buckhead Marketing: http://buckheadmarketing.co.uk

"Rebecca has been an inspiration of mine since I started my Social Media Management Business 7 months ago. I found her and instantly connected because she was incredibly knowledgable and I felt very drawn to her.

Since working my business I have struggled to understand my own worth and pricing myself in the market has been somewhat difficult with the money blocks I have.

I’ve had a call with Rebecca who was SO warm and friendly and immediately I felt like I could talk to her and tell her how I was feeling and ask honest questions.

Rebecca has provided me with lots of information, tools and practises in order to get my mindset right around money and pricing but also guidance on knowing where to price myself for the service I offer and provide for my clients.

I would definitely recommend working with Rebecca to boost you confidence, knowledge and to just have someone who knows what they are talking about because she has literally been EXACTLY where you are now. She’s asked the same questions and experienced the same things as you. There are answers you’ll find that you didn’t realise you wanted to know the answer to.

Moving forward I have much more clarity in my pricing and have confidence to now charge my worth and I understand that I’m talented in my field and I deserve to be paid for it.

Thank you so much Rebecca, I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with you and really appreciate your time, knowledge and guidance."

Kimberley Banner, Social Media Manager: http://www.kimberleybanner.com

“I had a video chat with Rebecca, and she cleared all my doubts. I'm a Social media manager and I was scared to start looking for clients because I felt I did not have my systems in place, especially when it came to Onboarding. Rebecca went over the whole onboarding checklist with me, recommended me what to do step by step, and I never had to worry about systems again after that chat. Also, she is an incredibly sweet and empathetic human being. So many times she PMd me to ask how I was doing and how is my business going, and when I told her I was struggling she gave me suggestions and encouraged me not to give up. She is just the sweetest girl I connected with on Social media, and I hope to meet her in person soon. “

Valeria Di Pierantonio, Social Media Manager: https://www.instagram.com/coconuts_and_web/

"Rebecca is amazing! I'm so glad I came across her. I had been thinking about hiring a coach for a long time and I knew instantly Rebecca was just what I was looking for. I have just completed her 10 day challenge, which already got me concentrating on my mindset again and doing daily activities. But even a step further, I have started her 30 day mindset support through Voxer service and it's been incredible, we have been doing it for a week and I can already see the changes and shifts happening in my mindset and the implementations on my business. I was really getting stuck in a rut with my business, but I can now finally see some hope that I can actually make it work and be successful. I am now excited to start her group programme at the end of the month and I will 100% sign up with her on her 3 month 1:1 coaching. On top of all the incredible value she's been giving lately in terms of mindset and confidence, she is so friendly and has a genuine approach of wanting to help you. I trust her fully with helping me to make decisions and giving me the push when needed. I literally cannot thank Rebecca enough for everything she's helped me with so far and to think I only first messaged her 1 month ago  💕"

Abby Sealby, Virtual Assistant: https://www.wavevastudio.com

"I’ve just finished Rebecca’s 10 day challenge to tackle imposter syndrome and am really impressed. In the last couple of years I’ve unfortunately dealt with a few individuals who negatively impacted on my confidence. When I saw Rebecca’s challenge, I had recently decided to start my own business and I went into the challenge not really expecting anything, but thinking it would be interesting to do as I was feeling overwhelmed with negative thoughts and had felt imposter syndrome. Rebecca is so refreshing, it’s easy to get sweep up with her positivity, her honesty is a rare quality in today’s world and her challenges really helped put things in perspective. The challenge really helped tackle the imposter syndrome and I will continue to work on my mindset, using the tools Rebecca has given me. Now I’m loving being my own boss! I would highly recommend working with Rebecca."

Lisa Farrington, VA specialising in Pinterest Marketing: http://lifestylevirtualassistance.com

“Her free virtual coffee chat is just a great gift from hers. She is so generous with her ideas and advice as we dive deep about my concerns as a social media manager. She helped me strengthen mindset and confidence which was a total game-changer to how I show up to my dream clients. I definitely recommend Rebecca if you want to transition from a freelance VA into a solid online business owner offering social media management. 

My mindset journey doesn't end there because I am part of her group and her email list which is packed with valuable content. Such an angel!

Thank you, Rebecca!”

Elreyna Cole, Social Media Manager specialising in Instagram & Pinterest Marketing: https://www.instagram.com/byelreynajane/

"I feel so much better after our chat you were so helpful and amazing."

Sarah Hodgett, Social Media Manager

"I love the Law of Attraction session I took with Rebecca!
It was fun and she gave me so many actionable tips in just one hour :) 
After our session, I feel more confident that I can and I will manifest all my desires. 
The session is on point if you want to learn more about LOA. 
Thank you very much Rebecca! I look forward to work with you again in the future."

Gabriela Guarnerio

As a Social Media Strategist 

"Thank you Rebecca for all the hard work and effort put into your lovely Social Media Advent Calendar. It was so helpful and interesting and see myself going back to the tips you shared in future. Thank you for sharing that with us. Wishing you all the best for 2018 🌷keep up the great work!"

Tamsyn Manning, Owner of Mint Creative Studio: http://mintcreativestudio.co.za

As a Social Media Manager

"Becca is a hugely talented, and very intuitive digital marketer. I’ve seen her promote everything from events and office space, to business & innovation services to with great success. She very quickly determines the ideal direct and indirect messaging and channels for the target customers and strategically engages them in a powerful way from teaser through to conversion."

Matthew McLarty, Innovation Director at Oxford Innovation: http://www.ceme-ic.co.uk

"Rebecca is creative and incredbily efficient and carries a teachable and passionate attitude. You can see in her reports and work that she puts alots of thought into her strategies. She really took time to understand our brand and business. Posts were relevant and high quality. She handled our Instagram, FB, Pinterst, twitter and even worked on email campagins and monthly newsletters to our customers and learned new platforms to create them for us. We were never left in the dark. Great communication. Highly recommend and hope to work together again soon."

Jenny Luu Smith, Owner of DUFMOD: https://www.dufmod.com

"Rebecca has done an amazing job on my makeup Facebook page. She has researched into the current makeup trends and has used this to create high quality and relevant posts for my page. This has helped to increase my page likes and post engagement. Rebecca has been full of brilliant tips and tricks especially when it comes to taking good quality photos of my work to fit into her posts. She doesn't just create pretty posts (although she has a great artistic flair for design) but takes time and effort in learning and delving into my career. If you want someone to adapt posts around you and your work, Rebecca will deliver."

Hannah Roberts, Professional Makeup Artist: https://www.facebook.com/hannieloumua/

"Rebecca did an awesome job managing our Facebook and Instagram accounts for one of our businesses. She took the time to learn our branding and totally nailed our vibe. All the content she posted aligned with our messaging and our target market. Plus, she is super responsive and very accessible. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for an awesome social media manager."

Jennifer LeViseur, Owner at Jameson Beard Company: https://www.facebook.com/jamesonbeardco/

Rebecca Hawkes 

is a Social Media Manager + Strategist turned Confidence Coach for Social Media Managers. 

When she's not enjoying coaching calls with her 1:1 clients, she's spending her time relaxing with a little yoga or a glass of fizz - depends what time of day it is really. 

Originally from Essex in the UK, Rebecca currently lives on the island Utila, Honduras with her Scuba Diving boyfriend Tom. 



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