Are you a service based entrepreneur with big dreams, huge goals and no idea how to make it happen?

You set goals each week but never achieve all of them.

You have awesome ideas all the damn time but no idea how to implement them.

You start on one project but get distracted by something else.

You’ve signed a few clients but you’re not generating a consistent income yet.

You don’t have time to engage and post and create and sell and breathe.

You know deep down you have what it takes to make it happen but something hasn’t clicked yet.

You know you need to sell yourself but it makes you feel icky.

You hear the imposter syndrome in your head, buzzing around like a mosquito.

You’ve made a few mistakes and a couple of ideas have failed now you’re beginning to lose your confidence.

Some days you’re full of energy, productive AF and feel like you’re taking over the world.

But other days you struggle to get out of bed and feel like running your own business is the hardest thing in the world.

You want to leap out of bed each morning fired up and raring to go.

You want to close your laptop at the end of the day knowing you moved closer to your big goal.

You want to feel excited about the idea of selling the awesome service you offer.

You want to feel confident about the decisions you’re making.

You want more time to spend with the family.

You want to switch off at the weekends and just do stuff for you.

You want that steady, consistent income that everyone else raves about.

You want to be excited about failing because you know you’ll learn something from it.

You want to connect on a personal level with your ideal clients.

You want to easily attract customers without spending hours on social media.

You need help.

You need support.

You need clarity.

You need strategy.

You need more confidence.

You need accountability.

But where on earth are you gonna find all that?

Hi, I’m Rebecca.

You see everything I just talked about?

That’s from my own personal experience.

I went from feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed and stressed out to feeling confident, excited, determined and motivated AF to create the life of my dreams.

How would you like to do the same?

How would you like to feel confident in everything you’re doing?

How would you like to feel excited about selling yourself?

How would you like a simple, well-structured business that generates a consistent income?

How would you like to feel determined that no matter what, you’d be successful?

How would you like to be so freaking motivated that everything feels easy?

In order to achieve success, we need to focus on 4 core areas:

Clarity - If you don’t know what you want, how can you make it happen?

Strategy - If you don’t work out how you’re gonna make it happen, you won’t.

Confidence -  If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect your clients to?

Accountability - If you’re not holding yourself accountable, you’re making excuses.  

How we work on these core areas together:


We begin our time together with a full day virtual workshop where we get crystal clear on what your dream life looks like and how you want your business to support that vision.


During our full day virtual workshop, we’ll also develop a simple, well structured strategy to lead you directly to your goals. Over the 3 months, we’ll refer back to this strategy and tweak it if necessary.


Each month, we’ll dedicate time to focus specifically on your mindset and overcoming any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We’ll talk through ways you can increase your self belief, self worth and build up your self confidence. I’ll help you create mindset rituals that you can’t wait to complete and together, we’ll work to create a success mindset that encourages you to believe anything is possible.


As well as our mindset focused sessions and regular strategy sessions, I’ll be supporting you via email and WhatsApp. Each week, I’ll check in to see what your goals are and discuss what you need to achieve them. On Friday’s we’ll celebrate your awesome wins. You’ll have unlimited access to me Monday to Friday so anytime you have a question, hear the imposter syndrome or need extra support, I’ll be there for you.

Over the course of 4 months, we’ll work together to get crystal clear on your hearts desires, create a rock solid strategy to lead you straight to your goals, develop an unshakeable belief in yourself and your biz and you’ll learn how to hold yourself accountable for your own success.


By the end of our first session, you’ll:

• Know exactly what you want from life

• Know exactly what you need to do to get there

• Have pinpointed your strengths and weaknesses so you know where you need to focus your energy

• Have heard the lightbulb ‘ping’ so many times, everything’ll finally make sense

• Feel relieved that the overcomplicated, overwhelming path you thought you had to take towards success has been paved over with the simplest of solutions

• Feel fired up, motivated to make it happen and be ready to take over the world

And that’s just our first session…

By the end of the 4 months, you’ll:

• Have achieved more than you thought possible

• Have solid, simple offers that generate steady, consistent income

• Have increased your prices

• Be working with less clients, making more money and taking more time off work

• Be confident AF hopping on discovery calls and selling yourself (because you know you’re awesome)

• Know that no matter what obstacle comes up, you’ll be able to overcome it

• Love, trust and believe in yourself and what you’re capable of wholeheartedly

• Wonder why you didn’t invest in yourself sooner


But Rebecca, I don’t have time. I’m just too busy.

How about we swap your nightly social scroll with our 1:1 calls? Or perhaps you could get up a little earlier on call days? Over the 4 months, you’ll learn how to make more time for yourself and in your business so that “I’m too busy” is no longer an excuse.

I can’t afford to invest in my business right now.

When we feel resistance to something because we’re scared, it’s easy to make excuses as to why we can’t invest. Over the course of the 4 months, you’ll have the confidence and the skills to earn your investment back. I’m by no means asking you to put yourself in a difficult financial situation but I really want you to think about it - do you really not have the money or is it fear of the unknown that’s holding you back? If you were in the exact same position you’re in now in 6 months time, how would it feel? I tried to do things on my own for months and I can tell you from experience, it didn’t get me very far. I’d like you to ask yourself this: Can I afford not to invest?

I’ve never worked with a coach before, I’m a bit scared/sceptical/unsure

We’ll take this at your own pace. There’s no pressure or rush to do things. We’ll start things off with a full day workshop where we’ll dive into what you want to achieve, what’s holding you back and create a strategy to follow over the next 4 months. From there, each of our 1:1 calls will be focused on increasing your confidence and staying on track with the strategy.  The first time I hired a coach, I jumped straight into a 12 week programme and I was scared AF. But without her support, I’d never have gotten out of the hole I felt I was in.

I’ve worked with a coach before & didn’t get the results they promised

My core values are: Authenticity (what you see is what you get), Honesty (really is the best policy) and Vulnerability (because pretending everything is always perfect goes against “honesty”). I also don’t promise results because coaching isn’t about delivering promises or making things happen. As a coach, I’ll help you to recognise what needs to be done and I’ll help you discover how to do it. The success of the programme is down to you so the question you need to be asking is: Do I trust myself to achieve the success I want?

I don’t like the idea of a signature “one size fits all” programme

You’re in luck! 4 months of 1:1 business coaching is tailored around what you need and when you need it. There’s no cookie cutter here my dear. Our time together will be entirely focused on exactly what you need at that time. Some weeks you may find you need more support and want an extra call whilst other weeks you may feel WhatsApp support is enough.

“Thanks to Rebecca I've had the confidence to increase my prices and actually value my worth!

Rebecca puts her heart and soul into all her coaching work and anybody that has the chance to work with her is incredibly lucky.

Thank you Rebecca for your love and support and for being part of my business journey.”

Amy Crumpton, Social Media Manager & Coach

4 months of 1:1 business coaching is for you if:

• You know you have something incredible to offer the world

• You’ve made it this far on your own and now need support getting to the next level

• You’re 100% committed to creating your own success

• You’re ready to generate consistent, steady income

• You’re ready to start charging your worth

• You’re ready to let go of the cheap clients and start working with dream clients

• You’re ready to drop the excuses, quit the blame game and take full responsibility for yourself & your success

• You want to work with someone who’s transformed their own businesses

• You’re looking for a bespoke, tailored to you + your needs service

4 months of 1:1 business coaching is NOT for you if:

• You’re going to make excuses for why things aren’t working

• You’re not willing to put in the work

• You’re hoping for a quick fix, done for you solution

• You’re only looking for strategy and not concerned about mindset

• You’re not willing to try new things

• You’re going to continue blaming your parents, clients, friends, exes for where you are now

• You’d rather work with someone who has a degree or coaching qualification

What are the benefits of us working together?

After working with me for 4 months, you’ll have:

• Developed a rock solid belief in yourself, your abilities and your business so you can confidently sign new clients, promote yourself without feeling icky and achieve goal after goal

• Learned how to craft and implement a winning strategy so you have a clear action plan to lead you straight to your goals

• Structured your business in a way that generates consistent income and enables you to keep on scaling

• Organised the behind the scenes of your biz so everything flows easily

• Realised how bloody awesome you are so you’ll no longer let anything stand in your way of success


Let me ask you a question. If, in 6 months time, you were in the position you’re in now, how would you feel?

Because taking action might be scary, but what’s even scarier is NOT taking action and looking back to realise you haven’t moved closer to what you want.

And from my own experience, when you realise you’re still stuck in the same pickle - whether mental, physical, business related, etc - you were in 6 months ago, guilt shows up. You criticise yourself, you feel frustrated, like a failure and BAM there goes any effort you’d put in to feel good about yourself.

If you’re happy with where your business is right now that’s awesome but if you know you’re ready to take things up a notch, 4 months of 1:1 coaching is for you.

I always dreamed of starting my own business and at 20, I did just that.

It lasted a few months until I met a boy and lost interest.

At 26, I launched my second business as a social media manager.

Within 6 months, I was ready to give up again.

My income was inconsistent, I was taking on all the work for not enough money, I didn’t really know what I wanted let alone how to get there and I was hustling so hard, I’d have a breakdown every few weeks.

The first thing my coach told me to do when I hired her 7 months into that business was take more time off.

I thought she was crazy but I listened and and within a few weeks I:  

• Felt more confident than I had in months

• Felt less overwhelmed managing my business

• More than tripled my prices

• Signed a long term, dream client

• Had complete clarity in what I wanted and I was making it happen

18 months after I started my social media business, I knew I needed more.

I’d always dreamed of coaching but had created excuses for why I couldn’t do it:

• I was too young

• I didn’t have a degree

• No one would listen to me

I knew it was time to follow my dream and I did everything in my power to make it happen.

I worked on my mindset every day.

I worked with a second coach to learn how to structure my business.

I pushed through my comfort zone even when I really didn’t want to.

I stopped being scared of failure.

I started helping people in the way I’d always dreamed of.

But again, I self sabotaged along the way, almost as if I’d forgotten the lessons I learned as a social media manager.

I tried to be everything for everyone.

I dropped my prices just to make some money.

I wasn’t consistent with my marketing.

I listened to the imposter instead of my confident self.

I didn’t really know what I wanted.

I didn’t have a strategy.

Most of all, I made excuses for myself.

6 months later, when I realised what I’d done, I made the commitment to myself to do whatever it took to be a success.

I scaled back my business and focused on just one thing.

I got consistent with my marketing.

I stopped playing small and started thinking big.

I got clear on what I really wanted.

I stopped being available for things that didn’t serve me.

I stopped attracting clients who wouldn’t put in the work, who didn’t want to pay, who made excuses for themselves.

I started earning consistent income.

I started taking more time off.

I started living my dream.

Oh, and I became an international bestselling co-author.

“I would definitely recommend working with Rebecca to boost your confidence, knowledge and to just have someone who knows what they are talking about because she has literally been EXACTLY where you are now. She’s asked the same questions and experienced the same things as you. There are answers you’ll find that you didn’t realise you wanted to know the answer to.

Moving forward I have much more clarity in my pricing and have confidence to now charge my worth and I understand that I’m talented in my field and I deserve to be paid for it.

Thank you so much Rebecca, I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with you and really appreciate your time, knowledge and guidance.”

Kimberley Banner, Social Media Manager

What’s included in 4 months of 1:1 business coaching:

• A full day virtual workshop (10am - 3pm)

• Monthly mindset sessions to overcome limiting beliefs

• Monthly strategy sessions to ensure you’re still on track to achieve your goals

• Email support Monday to Friday

• WhatsApp support Monday to Friday

• The Success Strategy workbook

Investment: £647 x 4

“Working with Rebecca has allowed me to see how my wellbeing directly affects my business, and that it's vital that I put myself first. I'm amazed at how this program has lead to an increase in confidence in running my business, and most importantly, how I've been able to portray this to business owners as I pitch for bigger and better contracts.

I'm so proud of what I've achieved in 3 short weeks and know that it's all down to Rebecca teaching me the skills that I need to push myself forward every day. I feel so lucky to have found the perfect coach for me so early in my business journey and I can't wait to see how else we can work together once I finish this program.”

Katie Wells, Social Media Manager

Are you ready to:

Feel confident in everything you’re doing?

Feel excited about selling yourself?

Run a simple, well-structured business that generates a consistent income?

Feel determined that no matter what, you’d be successful?

Be so freaking motivated that everything feels easy?

Claim the success you deserve?

“I can already see the changes and shifts happening in my mindset and the implementations on my business. I was really getting stuck in a rut with my business, but I can now finally see some hope that I can actually make it work and be successful.

She is so friendly and has a genuine approach of wanting to help you. I trust her fully with helping me to make decisions and giving me the push when needed. I literally cannot thank Rebecca enough for everything she's helped me with so far”

Abby Sealby, Technical Assistant

What’s included in the cost?

One full day virtual workshop (10am - 3pm)

Monthly mindset sessions to overcome limiting beliefs

Monthly strategy sessions to ensure you’re still on track to achieve your goals

Email support Monday to Friday

WhatsApp support Monday to Friday

The Success Strategy workbook


I’m 100% committed to my success and ready to start working with you. What do I do next?

Woohoo - let’s do this! Click the button below to complete an application form. I only work with committed clients who are ready to put in the work. Once you’ve completed the application form, if I feel I can support you, I’ll be in touch to schedule an introduction call. If I don’t think I can support you, I’ll send you an email explaining why and offer suggestions to help you.

I’ve only just launched my business, is this right for me?

The 4 months of 1:1 coaching is tailored to what you need. Having started 3 of my own businesses, I’ll be able to support you however, it is a big commitment and big financial investment. I don’t advise anyone getting into debt or putting coaching programmes on credit cards. In the early stages, you may find a full day virtual workshop is all the support you need. Get in touch with me and we can have a quick chat.


What if I change my mind?

This programme is for you if you’re committed to taking action and taking the steps towards living your dream life. Before joining the programme, you need to be 100% certain you’re ready for it as refunds are not available.

What if I’m unhappy with the programme?

As mentioned above, I believe that honesty is the best policy. If you’re unhappy at any stage, you can email Together we’ll talk through why you’re unhappy with the programme and create a solution. My client’s happiness is incredibly important to me so I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure you’re enjoying our time together.


Can I just sign up for a month?

Transforming your business & mindset takes time, patience and persistence - there’s no quick fix. Whilst you’ll begin to see changes in the first month, from experience, one month isn’t a long enough period to see long term, long lasting results. It’s more beneficial to you to commit to something for 4 months in order to see results so I don’t offer 1 month of coaching.

What happens at the end of the 4 months?

After our 4 months together, you should be generating consistent income, have a solid structure in your business and be creating your own success. You may feel ready to continue your journey without me or you may decide you want to us to keep working together in which case, we can create a bespoke service to suit your needs.


Can I cancel part way through?

No. This programme is 4 months long for a reason. It takes time, persistence and commitment to see results. Once you’re in, you’re in.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not available. You need to be 100% committed before signing up to work with me. This is something we’ll discuss on our introduction call.



“Rebecca helped me strengthen my mindset and confidence which was a total game-changer to how I show up to my dream clients.”

Elreyna Cale


“Chatting with Rebecca really gave me the direction & confidence I needed to just do the damn thing. She is so kind, friendly and helpful and always made sure all my questions were answered. She helped me come up with a timeline of things I needed to reach my goals and she reassured me that I was stronger than my fears. You need to work with her!”

Angela, Golden Oasis Social


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