Hi, I’m Rebecca Hawkes

I’m a Confidence Coach from the UK, I love to travel and white wine’s my drink of choice - lovely to meet you.

Social media managers come to me full of self doubt, lacking confidence to charge their worth and feeling overwhelmed in their business.

Using my unique framework, the 4 principles of success, we transform their mindset, their business and ultimately, their lives.

From feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed, to Kanye levels of confidence, a shit tonne of self belief and a simple business that supports the life they want to create for themselves.

For the down low on who I am, how I got started and why I’m so damn passionate, click here.


Enough about me, is this you?

You started your business full of hopes to bring in consistent income and dreams of more time off to spend actually living your life (a 9 to 5 just won’t cut it for you).

You set up your socials, began marketing like a mofo and started gaining traction.

You connected with dream clients, you created incredible proposals, whacked on a price you thought was reasonable and then you were rejected.

Rebecca Hawkes - UK Confidence Coach and Business Mentor

You were told you’re too expensive.

You were told Sally on Facebook was so much cheaper.

You had your confidence knocked.

You were made to feel not good enough.

So you went back to the drawing board.

You dropped your prices.

You started signing clients.

Soon you had 10+ clients.

You had money coming in.


But the clients were a nightmare.


They wanted more, more, more.

Obviously without extra pay.

And you still weren’t hitting your income goal.

Even though you were working all the hours, cancelling plans with friends, ignoring your partner (who just doesn’t get it).

Maybe you never dropped your prices and have always low balled yourself.

Maybe you’re still waiting to sign that first client.

Maybe you’re ready to scale.

Maybe you’re done with management and want to switch things up.

Maybe you’re ready to give up.

Rebecca Hawkes - UK Confidence Coach and Business Mentor

Please, for the love of god, don’t give up.

The world needs what you offer.

So how about we look at increasing those prices?

How about we look at dropping the cheap, demanding, unappreciative clients?

How about we look at ways you can bring in more money AND have more time?

How about we start moving towards that dream life of yours?

We’ll start by getting clear on what you want, creating a rock solid strategy to take you there and then we’ll look at how your mindset is getting in your way.

Sound good?

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