Confused to Confident 90 minute strategy session for clarity

Feeling lost?

Lacking confidence?

Don’t know what your next move should be?

If you’re currently at point A with no idea how to get to point B, you’ll want to read on.

You started your business full of hopes and dreams but now your get up and go seems to have got up and gone.

You wake up feeling unmotivated, you’re distracted by what everyone else is doing and can’t seem to move yourself forward.

You know where you want to be - well, you think you do - but you’ve got no clue how to get there.

The voice in your head tells you to try this, try that, drop your prices, create something new but nothing seems to be clicking.

You’ve tried explaining how you feel to your partner, your mum, yourself but you just don’t know how to describe what’s going on.

Something just feels off.

And now you’re sick of trying to figure out the answer for yourself.

You want some help but you’re not sure where to find it.

You’re sick of reading all the blogs, watching all the YouTube videos and scouring Facebook groups for the answer.

You don’t want to invest a small fortune into working with someone long term.

Or follow another DIY course because, let’s face it, you have a library of those that you’ve looked at once.

You just want someone.

Someone that’s been in your shoes.

Someone who understands what it feels like to be confused about #allthethings.

Someone who gets how exhausting it is to try to keep going when you’re lost AF.

Someone who can give you practical advice but can understand your emotional needs too.

Someone you can connect with, open up to, be honest with.

Someone who’s been there, done that and learned valuable lessons.

Someone like me.

Eliminate your visibility fears in 6 weeks

My 90 minute Confused to Confident calls are the perfect option for you if you need clarity, direction and a solid strategy in place to take you from A to B.

After the 90 minutes you’ll hang up the phone feeling like a weight has been lifted.

You’ll feel re-energised and ready to get things moving again.

You’ll walk away with a solid strategy in place alongside a full proof plan of action to help you implement it.

You’ll be grinning from ear to ear, with butterflies in your belly, knowing full well you can reach your goals.

“I can already see the changes and shifts happening in my mindset and the implementations on my business. I was really getting stuck in a rut with my business, but I can now finally see some hope that I can actually make it work and be successful.”

Abby Sealby -

Confused to confident 90 minute strategy session

Confused to Confident consists of:

• 1 x 90 minute video call via Zoom

• 1 week of email support (Monday - Friday)

• 1 x 30 minute follow up call after 30 days

• The Success Strategy workbook

Investment: £297


But Rebecca, I don’t have 90 minutes to spare. I’m just too busy.

How about we swap your nightly social scroll with this one off session? Or perhaps you could get up a little earlier one day? If you feel like you don’t have time, I can guarantee you need this session more than you think.

I can’t afford to invest in my business right now.

If you were in the exact same position you’re in now in 6 months time, how would it feel? I tried to do things on my own for months and I can tell you from experience, it didn’t get me very far. I’d like you to ask yourself this: Can I afford not to invest?

I’ve never worked with a coach before, I’m a bit scared/sceptical/unsure.

The first time I hired a coach, I jumped straight into a 12 week programme and I was scared AF. But without her support, I’d never have gotten out of the hole I felt I was in. I know it can be daunting but by the end of it, you’ll be wanting more.

I really don’t think you can help me in 90 minutes.

These 90 minute calls are structured in a way that enables us to cover everything we need to in order to create your strategy. We’'ll follow the exact process that has enabled me to gain clarity in my business, simplify my services and decide on the actions I need to take to help me achieve my goals. One week of email support plus a 30 minute follow up call 30 days later are also included so any questions you have after our initial call can be answered.

“I would definitely recommend working with Rebecca to boost your confidence, knowledge and to just have someone who knows what they are talking about because she has literally been EXACTLY where you are now. She’s asked the same questions and experienced the same things as you. There are answers you’ll find that you didn’t realise you wanted to know the answer to. Moving forward I have much more clarity in my pricing and have confidence to now charge my worth.”

Kimberley Banner -


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