Eliminate is my brand new, 1:1 programme that’ll SQUASH your fear of getting visible so you can easily attract the clients you deserve, create an UNSHAKEABLE belief in yourself and your business and turn your DREAM life into a reality.

This intensive, 6 week programme was designed for you, the online business owner who dreams of running a business that attracts clients on autopilot, generates a steady, consistent income and allows you the freedom to do more of the things you love.

But you have a problem.

Your current reality couldn’t be further from the life you crave.

You’re sharing advice in a few Facebook groups and posting (inconsistently) on own social media…

You’re terrified to jump on a live video because you hate the way you look and your voice sounds stupid…

You’ve worked with a few clients already but they never stick around...

Your prices are low but people still aren’t buying…

You’ve tried increasing your prices but you know no one wants to spend that much on you…

You’ve tried dropping your prices but only tumbleweed floats your way....

You never know what content to share so you try to avoid it altogether...

You keep making excuses for yourself because you’re scared to leave your comfort zone…

You spend more time worrying that you’ll have to go back to a 9 to 5 than actually putting yourself out there and showing up for your audience...

Your dreams of living a laptop lifestyle whilst you travel the world are slowly fading because you’re not making the money you need…

You’ve had enough.

Let me ask you a question: If you got over your fear of putting yourself out there, how would your life change?

Would you SHOW UP on a daily basis?

Would you attract more DREAM clients?

Would you happily shout about your AWESOME offers?

Would you reach out to the people you KNOW you could help?

Would you FINALLY know how bloody amazing you are?  


So if I told you Eliminate, my 6 week 1:1 programme would ELIMINATE your visibility fears, show you how to reprogram your mind for success, end your struggle to attract dream clients, and help you develop a solid visibility strategy so you can turn your dream life into your REALITY, what would you say?

Because it can.

Eliminate was specifically created for the exact purpose of eliminating your visibility fears so you can:

• Feel CONFIDENT putting your face, your voice, your story, yourself, all over social media

• Create engaging, inspiring content KNOWING your audience will love it

• Attract DREAM CLIENTS just by being yourself

SHOW UP every single day full of confidence + pride in yourself

• Start bringing in the money you need to live the life you’re DREAMING of

• Take over the WORLD

If you’re sat there thinking “OMG I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE” then, my dear, read on.

If you’re sat there thinking “this sounds great and all but is it really possible?”, read on.

If you’re sat there thinking “this sounds scary because outside of my comfort zone is a terrifying place and I’m not sure I’ll ever be brave enough to go live and is travel really something I want and I don’t know, maybe I’ll have another look in 6 months time when I’ve made a bit more money”, READ ON.

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How Eliminate works:

Module 1: Uncovering the fears

We kick things off diving into your big vision, your goals and how your visibility fears are impacting this. We’ll then spend time uncovering each of the fears you have surrounding showing up online. Wanna know one of my biggest fears? People were going to talk about my crooked teeth. No fear is too small to worry about or too stupid to mention. Once we know what fears need tackling, we’ll be able to ELIMINATE them.

Module 2: Rewriting the fears

The good news about our fears is that we can rewrite them. In this module we’ll be following my 4 step Switch Your Story framework where we’ll refer back to the fears we uncovered in module one, rewrite the fears, create practical solutions to overcome the fear and learn how to reprogram the mind on a daily basis.

Module 3: The physical fear

Fear isn’t always just in our minds. The physical side of fear - including sweaty palms, going red, feeling sick to our stomach - has an enormous impact on us too which is why we focus our attention on how to manage the physical effects of fear. Prevention is always better than cure so we’ll look at activities you can do to stop the sweaty palms before it happens.

Module 4: Increasing your confidence

The more confident you are, the less scary putting yourself out there becomes. We’re dedicating module four to mindset work, learning how to increase your confidence and developing an unshakeable belief in yourself + your business. We’ll go through different ways you can work on your mindset each day and talk about different techniques to help you become more confident.

Module 5: Creating killer content

One of the biggest things that holds us back from putting ourselves out there is not knowing what to talk about. In module five we’re focusing on your audience: how you want them to feel, what you want them to think, actions you want them to take. From there we’ll start creating content that speaks directly to them and showcases how awesome you are at the same time.

Module 6: Designing a visibility strategy

In order to achieve the results you want, you need a strategy. And the more you begin to show up, the easier it will become. Our final session will involve crafting a visibility strategy together and then mapping out a 90 day plan to ensure you reach your goals.

Are you ready to ELIMINATE your visibility fears in just 6 weeks?

What’s included:

• 6 x 1:1 video calls hosted via Zoom

• Email + voice note support in between calls

• The Eliminate Workbook to help you work through each module after our call

Your investment:



Eliminate is the only 1:1 intensive programme that tackles the root cause of your visibility fears, shows you how to reprogram your mind for success, ends your struggle to attract dream clients, and helps you develop a solid visibility strategy so you can turn your dream life into your REALITY.

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I can’t afford it right now.

When we feel resistance to something because we’re scared, it’s easy to make excuses as to why we can’t invest. In just 6 weeks, after working through Eliminate, you’ll have the confidence and the skills to earn your investment back. I’m by no means asking you to put yourself in a difficult financial situation but I really want you to think about it - do you really not have the money or is it fear of the unknown that’s holding you back?

I don’t have time. I’m too busy in my business to work on myself.

Swap your nightly social media scroll for a programme that’ll transform your mindset, give you the skills you need to uplevel your business and ultimately, put you on the path towards turning your dream life into a reality.

I’ve tried to get over my fears before but it hasn’t worked. Why would Eliminate be any different?

We dive deeper into fear in this programme. We uncover all the hidden fears you don’t even know you have and then we tackle them, one by one. We work together to reprogram your mind and rewrite the stories you’re currently telling yourself around being visible.

Coaching’s a scam. It’s just people wanting money from you.

Ouch! Let’s give it another name. Instead of your coach, how about I be your mentor, your teacher, your guide. I’m teaching you vital skills, I’m guiding you through your fear, you’re learning from a mentor who’s been in the exact position you’re in now. Coaching doesn’t sound quite so bad hey?

I’m not a Social Media Manager but I really want to eliminate my visibility fears because I know they’re holding me back.

That’s ok, you don’t need to be a social media manager to complete this 6 week programme. We’ll still tackle the root cause of your visibility fears, work to create an UNSHAKEABLE belief in yourself and tailor the programme around your business.

Rebecca, I really like my comfort zone and I’m scared to leave it.

Oh darling, I know it can be daunting but in order to succeed, in order to achieve everything you want to, you HAVE to step out of your comfort zone. Yes, it’s a bit scary but the results are beyond your wildest dreams.

Let me ask you another question, if you were in the exact position you’re in now in 6 months time, would you be happy?

If the answer’s no, you know as well as I do that now’s the time to take action to turn things around for yourself. You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Eliminate is here to show you the way.


I think I’m ready but I have a few questions I’d like to ask - can we have a chat?

Absolutely we can, click the button below to schedule a 15 minute discovery call.


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