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Stop the hustle. Start charging your WORTH.

Are you a talented Social Media Manager struggling with self worth? 

Sick of lowering your prices just to secure your next client? 

Tired of the all work no play lifestyle you seem to be living? 

Girl, you've come to the right place.

Eight months ago, I was you. 

Messier hair, bigger bags under my eyes and jittery AF from all the caffeine. 

Overworked, undervalued and firing up my laptop in the morning so I could get started on client work before I'd even wiped the sleep from my eyes. 

I'd just started my first business as a Social Media Manager and was determined to be a success. 

The problem was, despite the amazing results I was getting for clients, I didn't value myself.

I also didn't value the work I was doing and I didn't appreciate the enormous ROI I could achieve for my clients.  


I would constantly drop my prices because I was desperate to sign another client and lacked the confidence I needed to stand my ground and say NO

The social media managers around me would talk about the high rates they were charging and celebrate their consistent £5K months whilst I was STRUGGLING to pay my bills. 

They were ECSTATIC they'd signed DREAM clients whilst I was constantly in a PANIC that my results weren't going to be GOOD ENOUGH.


I thought imposter syndrome was something you faced in the early days of business but I was still trying to tackle it 6 months in. 

I reached a point where I was sick and tired of constantly feeling undervalued, drained and anxious about my workload. 


Are you still working with clients who don't appreciate how valuable you are?

Do you still lower your prices just to secure another client (even though you're already overwhelmed)?

Is imposter syndrome still making you feel inadequate and telling you you're not good enough?

Are you overworked, undervalued and starting to fall out of love with your business?

If so, I've got you.

If you're nodding along and finally feeling like someone understands what you're going through, let's talk. 

Have you signed up for my free video training on the 3 Steps to Charging Your Worth as a Social Media Manager?

When I realised so many other social media managers around the world were in my position - undercharging themselves, suffering from imposter syndrome and saying yes to the things they didn't want to do - I KNEW I COULD HELP THEM

I decided enough was enough. 

If I could transform myself and my business, I could help others do the same.

So I designed my signature, 1:1 coaching programme for Social Media Managers. 

This programme shares the exact steps I took to:

Raise my prices with confidence 

• Overcome imposter syndrome 

• Increase my self worth

Say no to the things I didn't want to do

• Realise how valuable I am 

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Mindset Work

Success is 80% mindset, 20% strategy. No matter how incredible your strategy is, if your mindset sucks, you won’t achieve the results you desire. 

Mindset work is one of two core modules that kick start our programme. Before we dive in to what you want to achieve, we need to assess what’s holding you back from reaching those goals. 

Topics we'll discuss include: 

  • The importance of working on your mindset every day

  • How to create a mindset routine you’ll stick to

  • How to turn a bad day around

Valuing Yourself

The more you learn to value yourself, the easier it is to increase your prices with confidence and say no to the things you don’t want to do. 

Undercharging, over delivering and saying yes to things you don't want to do are all symptoms of not valuing yourself which is why our second core module focuses on how to recognise your worth.

Topics we’ll discuss include: 

  • Why you should put yourself first

  • How you can show yourself love every day

  • Making time for self care

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If we’re not crystal clear on who we want to serve, what we want to offer and how much we want to earn, we fall into the category of trying to serve everyone but failing to serve anyone AKA not as successful as we deserve to be.

Topics we’ll discuss include: 

  • Why it’s important to be crystal clear about what you want

  • What industries you’re passionate about

  • Deciding on your income goals

Wealth Consciousness 

Before you start raising your rates, we need to address your feelings around money. Whether you know it or not, there’s a reason why you don’t feel worthy of earning the amount of money you deserve. 

Topics we’ll discuss include: 

  • What's your money story?

  • Limiting beliefs surrounding money

  • Breaking down money blocks


Imposter                 Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome, the friend who constantly puts you down but for some reason, you can't figure out how to stop being friends. 

This module's dedicated to dealing with the voice that lives inside our head, constantly telling us we’re not good enough and causing us to over deliver. 

Topics we’ll discuss include: 

  • Signs & symptoms of imposter syndrome

  • Actions to help tackle imposter syndrome

  • Naming the inner mean girl

Setting Boundaries & Saying No

There’s nothing more empowering than walking away from something that doesn’t serve you. This module teaches you how to say no.  

We'll create clear boundaries for you so clients know upfront what you will and won't be doing for them and you'll gain the confidence to say no. 

Topics we’ll discuss include: 

  • The importance of setting clear boundaries with clients

  • Listening to your intuition AKA your gut instinct

  • How to respond when you don’t want to do something

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Packaging & Pricing 

As a social media manager, it’s important to be charging a set monthly or weekly fee as opposed to hourly.

The more experienced you are, the quicker you become. Charging hourly means you end up making LESS MONEY for being better at your job. Together, we'll create packages you feel comfortable with that’ll help you reach your income goals. 

Topics we’ll discuss include: 

  • Designing a package(s) you feel excited to deliver

  • Higher prices deserve a higher quality of service

  • The importance of feeling aligned to your prices


Client Experience

Charging high prices requires you to deliver a high level of service so we'll look at ways you can add the WOW factor. 

Once you’ve attracted a soulmate client, you want them to continue to renew their contract again and again so it’s incredibly important to not only deliver good results, but also to think about the experience they receive as a client of yours. 

Topics we’ll discuss include: 

  • Exploring how you want your clients to feel when they work with you

  • Your clients journey from initial enquiry through the onboarding process to nurturing as a long term client

  • How to add the WOW factor


 Attracting Soulmate  Clients

You deserve to work with the people you want to but you need to be clear on who they are. 

Although we’ll touch briefly on who your ideal client is in the clarity module, this session will be dedicated to defining your dream client and putting together a strategy to help you attract them. 

Topics we’ll discuss include: 

  • The difference between working with people you love vs working with people you sign out of fear

  • Bringing your soulmate client to life

  • Creating a strategy to attract your ideal client

Systems To Increase Productivity 

The more unorganised we are, the less productive we become and the more likely we are to face overwhelm

Often, our lack of confidence and overwhelm can come from a lack of organisation, so this module focuses on simple systems you can implement to increase your productivity. 

Topics we’ll discuss include: 

  • Systems every social media manager should have in place

  • Organising your day to suit you

  • How to be more productive


Stepping Into the Role of a Confident Social Media Manager 

It took me a long time to appreciate just how much of a difference I could make to someone’s business as a social media manager. In this module, we'll review everything we've discussed together and celebrate the progress you've made. We’ll remember the lessons we've learned and create a plan to help you feel confident in your role every day. 

Topics we’ll discuss include: 

• Progress report - How are you feeling after our time together?

• The impact social media marketing can have on a business

• How to feel confident every day



Your Investment

12 Week Programme: £3250 (Save £500)

Includes all 11 modules + 1.5 hour deep dive call

8 Week Programme: £2250 (Save £250)

Includes the two core modules + five modules of your choice + 1.5 hour deep dive call

4 Sessions: £1250

Includes two core modules + two modules of your choice

Payment plans are available 


Included in every programme:

Welcome pack with questionnaire

Each module consists of a 1 hour call + supporting documents including workbooks/worksheets for you to complete. 

Support in between sessions via Voxer

Printable workbooks containing homework for each module

Dropbox folder full of supporting documents for each module

An action plan for the inevitable slip back into old ways (we all do it)

Catch up call 30 days after you complete the programme



What next?

The modules and topics included in each module may vary dependant on your requirements. 

Once we've had our virtual coffee chat, I'll send you an email within 48 hours containing a programme specifically tailored to your needs.

I'm not a fan of the 'one size fits all' approach so I like to create a bespoke programme for each client. 

Obviously, you're more than welcome to pick your own modules but I'll be honest if I think there's a module that you'd benefit more from.

Ultimately, I want you to get as much value as possible from our time together.


Fine print: This programme isn't for someone looking for a quick fix. The more effort you put in, the more you'll get out. I recommend dedicating around 10 hours each week to work through the workbooks for each module and complete the exercises I'll set during our calls.


If you're serious about transforming your mindset, increasing your prices and feeling confident, happy and fulfilled as a social media manager, schedule a free call with me below. If I don't feel I can help you achieve the results you deserve, I'll let you know. Likewise, if after our call you feel like I'm not the coach for you, please be honest with me.

Listen to your gut instinct and trust your intuition

(Let's be honest, you already know whether you want to have a chat or not. What do you have to lose?)

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