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I’m Rebecca Hawkes, a Confidence Coach for social media managers and founder of The Confidence Society.

At 26, I started my second business as a social media manager so that I could travel the world with my scuba diving boyfriend, Tom.

Before I officially launched, whilst still in my 9 to 5, I began attracting clients through the content I was sharing on Twitter & Facebook.

The problem was, I was scared to speak to potential clients on the phone.

The fear of messing up my words, saying the wrong thing or sounding like I didn’t know what I was talking about left me desperately trying to secure clients via email.

But that meant I couldn’t really connect with them

And we all know that connecting with a client is the most important thing.

When you connect with your clients and build a solid relationship, you’re able to deliver better results because you go ALL IN for them and in return, they happily renew their contracts, month after month.

Another way you can connect with potential clients before you hop on a sales call is via live video or the stories you share about yourself on social media.

In order to put yourself out there, promote your services and connect with potential clients, you have to feel confident in yourself and your business.

This 5 part visibility training will help you to increase your confidence and begin to tackle your visibility fears so you can build a strong relationship with your clients - current and future - and position yourself as a leader in your industry.

I can’t wait for you to get stuck into the training and I’d love to hear your feedback on each module.

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