The 3 Step Process for Eliminating Your Visibility Fears

Being visible online isn’t just necessary for your business, it’s crucial.

When I launched my first business as a social media manager, I used to preach to my clients about how they needed to be showing up on live videos, telling their story but I wasn’t following my own advice.

I was too afraid.

Putting ourselves out there - with or without makeup - is a daunting thing.

What if we forget our words?

What if our advice isn’t the same as someone else's?

What if our voice sounds stupid or they notice our wonky teeth (this was me - true story)?

What if we end up scaring off every client on the planet and end up broke AF and returning to a 9 to 5 we hate?

The fears are real.

But I want to help you overcome them, I want to help you ELIMINATE them.

So before we dive into my simple, 3 step process for overcoming these visibility fears, let’s first reinforce the reasons we need to eliminate them:

Consistent income:

Once our social media posts and live videos are out there, potential clients have the ability to find us without us having to do any work. And when we’re constantly attracting potential clients, we’re attracting consistent income. Exciting eh?

Marketing on autopilot:

Forget the cold emailing, the “reaching out” to people, the hours of job searches on Upwork and LinkedIn. When we’re showing up as ourselves online, offering advice/tips and giving a tonne of value, our dream clients come to us. They build a strong relationship with us and feel like they already know us. Yayy, friends!

Increased credibility:

Think about it for a sec, the entrepreneurs you admire - the ones who’re living the #laptoplifestyle, raking in the £££’s and constantly booked out with clients - are alllllll over socials, right? They do their lives, they show their face, they pop up on stories everyday. They show their audience they know what they’re doing to be successful and they practice what they preach. How can you expect a client to take your advice when you won’t take it yourself? Hmmm…

Ok, reasons reinforced.

Now the fun bit: This is the exact 3 step formula I use with my clients and to eliminate my own fears:

Step 1: Uncover your fears

In order to rewrite your fears (limiting beliefs/stories), you need to be honest with yourself about what you're really scared of.

For example, if you're scared of being judged, ask yourself WHY you're scared of being judged. How does being judged make you feel? Dive into the root cause of the fear, not just the surface fear.

Step 2: Rewrite your fears

Now you know what you're afraid of, it's time to transform those limiting beliefs (fears) into empowering beliefs.

A belief is just something you repeat to yourself over and over. If you repeatedly tell yourself you can't go live because you'll forget your words, that's exactly what will happen.

BUT if you repeatedly tell yourself you love live video and can't wait to share your message with your audience, guess what? You'll LOVE live video.

Step 3: Reprogram your mind

Once you have a list of empowering beliefs, create a sentence or two that embodies these new beliefs. This sentence becomes your affirmation that you repeat EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Repeating this positive affirmation will reprogram your subconscious mind and this affirmation will become your new story - your new reality.

Make sense? Sound good?

Want to learn how to work on your mindset to eliminate your visibility fears? Go here to grab my Master Your Mindset workbook for just £17.

You might find it helpful to watch this video where I dive a bit deeper into each of the steps (cause let’s be honest, it’s easier to get your point across in a video!)


Now you know my 3 step process for eliminating your visibility fears it’s time to take ACTION and put it into practice.

Ready? GO.

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  • Create unbreakable self confidence, self belief and self worth (so you’ll always know you’re good enough)

  • Discover your true, authentic self and learn how to be yourself, unapologetically

  • Handle setbacks, difficult clients, failed launches and anything else that doesn’t go to plan without damaging your confidence and self belief (because you’ll know it’s them, not you)

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Rebecca Hawkes is a Confidence Coach, founder of The Become Your Best Self Club and #1 international bestselling co-author of She Is Unstoppable.

Growing up, Rebecca was terrified of being judged by other people, of speaking up in class and standing up to talk in front of people. She’d go bright red, forget her words and her voice would be so shaky, she knew everyone would hear how nervous she was.

Over the past 18 months, Rebecca’s worked to increase her confidence, to push herself outside her comfort zone and consistently show up online on live videos and Instagram stories. In December 2018, she spoke in public for the first time since school at the launch of her collaborative book She Is Unstoppable.

Now, Rebecca’s on a mission to help people around the world eliminate their own visibility fears so they can attract dream clients, generate a consistent income and build a strong reputation in their industry.

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