Is your business ready for a spring clean?

You want to drop the services you hate but you’re scared you’ll miss out on potential clients.

You dream of generating consistent income but you only offer one off services so you don’t know how that’s possible.

You’d love to be attracting clients on autopilot but the idea of a funnel sounds way too complicated.

You’re guilty of over complicating your biz but you don’t know how to simplify it.

You know you need a solid structure but you’ve got no idea how to build one.

You’ve signed a few clients already but now you’re serious about taking it up a level.

You don’t want to change your business completely, you just want to give it a little spring clean.

You need a business revamp.

If you didn’t achieve your goals in Q1 and are ready to fast track your results in Q2, The Business Revamp is exactly what you need.

The Business Revamp is an exclusive full day workshop that uses my 4 step framework to help you achieve the success you deserve.

At the end of the full day workshop, you’ll:

• Be crystal clear on what you want to achieve and HOW you’re going to achieve it

• Have a rock solid strategy in place ready to drive you straight to your GOALS

• Have a simple FUNNEL mapped out that’ll convert your social media following into leads AND paying clients

• Have a robust 90 day plan in place with all the ACTIONS you need to take in order to achieve the results you DESERVE

• Feel CONFIDENT, motivated and inspired to get the ball rolling

• Have connected with other entrepreneurs who are doing the SAME thing as you

The best bit about what I’m gonna share with you is it works for every level.

When you increase your income goal, you follow the same path.

And that’s not all.

Alongside this powerful workshop, you’ll also be invited to join a members only, pop up Facebook group where I’ll be popping in to provide you with extra support and accountability for two weeks after the workshop.  

“I was really getting stuck in a rut with my business, but I can now finally see some hope that I can actually make it work and be successful.”

Abby Sealby -


I know what it feels like when you get to the end of the quarter and you haven’t achieved your goals.

You start to play the blame game with yourself and wonder if you’re ever gonna make it.

It’s frustrating, exhausting and destroys any drop of motivation you had.

Not this time.

Using the 4 principles of success, my unique 4 step framework, I’ll teach you exactly how to achieve your goals month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year.

The process is simple, easy to follow and can be rinsed and repeated as often as needed.

Imagine heading into Q2 knowing you WILL achieve your goals.

Let’s face it, we can achieve anything we put our minds to right?

And whilst there’s no doubt you can achieve those things on your own, wouldn’t it be so much nicer to have someone guide you along the right path?

At the end of 2018, I reviewed my goals and came to the shocking realisation that I hadn’t achieved ANY of them.

As the initial disappointment wore off, I decided to look for the lessons I could learn.

Lesson number 1: I’d set a few goals, without my long term vision in mind, but had never actually worked towards making them happen.

Lesson number 2: I didn’t really believe my goals were possible so never tried hard enough to make them happen.

Lesson number 3: I hadn’t held myself accountable so instead of checking in with how close I was getting to them, I just kinda forgot about them.

In December, using the money I received from my family for my birthday, I joined a 12 month mastermind.

After failing to achieve what I wanted in 2018, I got really focused on what my long term vision was.

From there, I set my goals and together with my mastermind group, we mapped out a plan for Q1 of 2019.

Each week, I had a check in with myself and my goals and if I wasn’t on the right track, I tweaked what I was doing.

I asked for help when I needed it.

I went into Q1 knowing I was capable of achieving what I wanted.

By the end of February, I’d achieved 90% of my goals.

With one week left of the quarter, I have just one thing to tick off of my goal list.

And that’s 100% doable.  

In Q1, I created and implemented the 4 principles of success formula and it WORKED.

With Q2 around the corner, it’s time for me to help you do the same in your business.

Are you ready?


What’s included in The Business Revamp:

1 x Full day virtual workshop (Monday 1st April - 10am - 3.30pm)

Pop up Facebook group (open for 2 weeks)

The Consistent Income workbook

Recording of the workshop to refer back to

Your investment: £297


“Thanks to Rebecca I've had the confidence to increase my prices and actually value my worth!”

Amy Crumpton -


What to expect from the workshop:

10am - Clarity & goal setting

11am - Break

11.15am - Spring cleaning your biz

12.30pm - Break

1pm - Mapping out a winning funnel & marketing strategy

2.15pm - Break

2.30pm - Planning for the next 3 months

3pm - Q&A

3.30pm - Finish

*Subject to change

The Business Revamp is for you if:

• You’re a service based entrepreneur

• You want to know how to generate consistent income

• You need to simplify your services

• You’re currently offering things you don’t enjoy

• You want to create a solid structure in your business that’ll help you scale in the future

The Business Revamp is NOT for you if:

• You’re looking for a quick fix

• You’re not prepared to put in the effort

• You want a ‘done for you’ service

• You have a product based business


But I can’t make the date of the workshop.

No problem boo, the whole thing’s gonna be recorded so no need to worry about that. Bonus - you get to refer back to it every time you need it.

I can’t afford it.

I get it, investing in yourself is scary. But the thing is, we can’t expect to keep doing the same thing and expect different results can we? Up until now, you’ve been trying things your way and it hasn’t been working. Can you really afford not to invest?

I don’t want to be in a group setting, can we do it 1:1?

Absolutely dear. Just send me an email and we’ll arrange a date that suits you.

I don’t think you can help me in 1 day.

The workshop may be the main event but the private Facebook group is gonna help keep you accountable and provide extra support after the workshop’s over.

I’m a copywriter/graphic designer/website designer - will this work for me?

It sure will lovely. And you know what, if you’re used to just offering one off services such as building a website or providing the copy for a website, we’ll be looking at how you can start generating consistent income from those clients. It’ll be a game changer for your business.


“I would definitely recommend working with Rebecca to boost your confidence, knowledge and to just have someone who knows what they are talking about because she has literally been EXACTLY where you are now. I have much more clarity in my pricing and have confidence to now charge my worth.”

Kimberley Banner -


What’s included in The Business Revamp:

1 x Full day virtual workshop (Monday 1st April - 10am - 3.30pm)

Pop up Facebook group (open for 2 weeks after the workshop)

The Consistent Income workbook

Recording of the workshop to refer back to

Your investment: £297

“All of my doubts and concerns were diminished and I left with a clear plan of how to make the leap towards the job of my dreams!”

Han Talbot



I’m in! What next?

Woohoo - let’s do this! Click the button below to head to the checkout. Once payment’s recieved, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing your welcome pack and agreement within 48 hours.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

No, due to the nature of the service, I don’t offer refunds.


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