Charge Your Worth as a Social Media Manager

Download: The Practical Guide to Charging Your Worth for just £13.50

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I hope this training was super helpful for you. 

Start taking action to increase your prices today by completing the exercises mentioned in the video: 

• Write out 30 ways you can impact someone's business through social media 

• Work out what your current limiting beliefs are and transform them into empowering beliefs

• Once you have your empowering beliefs, write them down or say them out loud at least once per day (bonus points if you can say them 3 times a day!)

• For the next 10 days, write out a list of reasons why you are worthy of the fees you charge. On day 1 write 10 reasons, day 2 write 20 reasons and by day 10, you should be writing 100 reasons why you're worthy of your fees. 

Some of these exercises may feel a little difficult to begin with but trust me, they'll benefit you so much in the long run. 

In the training, I mentioned that you could book a virtual coffee chat with me. Sadly, due to the number of people who failed to show up to the calls they’d booked, I now offer 15 minute calls instead of 1 hour calls.

If you’re an overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid social media manager who lacks self confidence and would like to become a self-assured business owner who charges their worth, generates consistent income, has rock solid systems in place and a life you love, book a 15 minute call with me here:

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About Rebecca Hawkes

Rebecca Hawkes is a Confidence Coach from Essex, UK. 

Rebecca helps to transform overwhelmed, unconfident, overworked and underpaid social media managers into self-assured business owners who charge their worth, generate consistent income, have rock solid systems in place and a life they love ❤️

To find out more about Rebecca, click here. 

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