Winter Confidence Retreat

Winter Confidence Retreat UK

Throughout my life, my confidence levels have resembled a rollercoaster. At times I've been on par with Kanye whilst other times I've been crippled with social anxiety preventing me from leaving the house.

When I came to the realisation that I actually had the power to control how confident I was, I knew I wanted to help other people make those same choices.

My Winter Confidence Retreat is designed to empower you, to teach you how to be confident and to help you let go of the beliefs you have that are holding you back from being confident in yourself.


Spread across 3 days + 2 nights, we’ll enjoy laid- back workshops on confidence building, imposter syndrome and overcoming limiting beliefs, as well as delicious 3 course meals, and activities such as visiting historic attractions and cocktail making.


Situated in the beautiful Wye Valley, the Confidence Retreat will be hosted at The Royal George in Tintern. With recently refurbished rooms, an on site country pub as well as fine dining restaurant, this cosy hotel is less than 5 minutes walk from the stunning Tintern Abbey.




During the retreat, we'll enjoy the following workshops + mindset sessions:

What is confidence?

What better way to kick off the retreat than with a session on uncovering what it really means to be confident. Is confidence really available to us all? Is it necessary to be confident in order to succeed? How can we define confidence to make it easily attainable? Find out the answer to each of these questions and more.  

Why we suffer from imposter syndrome + how we can tackle it

There's a reason we all suffer from Imposter Syndrome and once we understand this reason, we can find it much easier to overcome it on a daily basis. In this workshop we'll look at the reason we experience Imposter Syndrome, the different areas of our life it can show up in and how we can create an action plan to tackle it each time it tries to stop us in our tracks. 

What are limiting beliefs + how to overcome them

Limiting beliefs are one of the main culprits in holding us back from achieving what we want to. But what is a limiting belief? During this session, we'll be looking at where limiting beliefs come from, why they hold us back so much, how we can work through them and how we can use them to our advantage. 

Intentional mindset work vs general mindset work

Did you know there's a difference between conditioning your mind for success and intentionally working through mindset blocks? Nope, I didn't either until recently. I'd spend hours working on my mindset yet still felt like something was getting in the way. Discovering the difference between intentional mindset work and general mindset work was a game changer and something I want to share with you. 

Why it's important to step outside of your comfort zone

Our final workshop will dive deep into why stepping outside of your comfort zone is crucial for success and how doing so can help to increase your levels on self confidence. We'll discuss how you can step out of your comfort zone on a daily basis and I'll share tools to help you feel comfortable doing so. 

Journal sessions + guided meditations

Both evenings will end with a 30-45 minute journal session + guided meditation. We'll use this time to reflect on what we've learned each day and share what we're grateful for. The guided meditations will be specifically chosen to help us feel calm and relaxed before we head back to our rooms for a peaceful night sleep. 


Where will the workshops be hosted? 
During the day, we'll use The Botanist Lounge for each of the workshops. Comfy sofas, an overhead projector for the slideshows and pots of tea to keep us toasty will create the perfect atmosphere for us to learn and will also add a laid-back, relaxed vibe. At the end of the day, the more relaxed you feel in your surroundings, the more relaxed you'll feel asking and answering questions. 

In the evenings, we have a dedicated space in the fine dining restaurant attached to the hotel where we can come together to journal and enjoy our guided meditations without being disturbed. 

Our first workshop will be more of a casual discussion that'll be incorporated into the cocktail making masterclass. As we get to know each other over confidence packed cocktails (yep, the names will all be confidence + mindset related because who doesn't love a good pun?), we'll dive into what confidence means to us and our thoughts on being confident in our own skin. 

How long will each workshop last for?
Most workshops are expected to last for around 2 hours with the evening sessions being around 30-45 minutes. In between sessions, there'll be time for you to collect your thoughts, grab a drink/snack, take a walk or have a power nap (no judgement here! I love a good nap).  

What do I need to bring to each workshop? 
Yourself! I'll be providing pots of herbal tea/glasses of water and you'll each receive a journal in your goodie bag that you can use to make notes in each of the workshops. 

How will these workshops impact my life?
This is the question you need to ask yourself. When we surround ourselves with a tribe of people who are looking to learn as well, it's not just the workshop content we learn from. We learn from our peers, from questions asked by others, from questions we ourselves ask and from seeing how others interpret the same information. 

Each workshop has been designed to help you increase your self confidence, learn how to let go of the negative thoughts that hold you back and show you it really is possible to be in control of your thoughts and feelings.


There's a free car park attached to the hotel if you choose to drive or alternatively, you can take a train or National Express coach to Chepstow. From there, a taxi will take around 15 minutes.


Private room: £600

Or choose to pay in installments: 2 x £310

Shared room: £550

Or choose to pay in installments: 2 x £285

Your investment includes accommodation in your choice of a private or twin room with en suite as well as breakfast, evening meals, workshops, activities and goodie bag.

Wanna book a shared room with a friend? Awesome! You’ll each receive a 10% discount.


• Private or shared accommodation including en suite

• Breakfast

• 3 course dinner both evenings

• 7 workshops + mindset sessions

• Cocktail masterclass

• Mindset kit (aka goodie bag!)

• A non-refundable deposit of £100

Your investment doesn’t include travel to + from the retreat, lunchtime meals, alcoholic beverages outside of table wine + other purchases from the bar/restaurant.



12-4pm - Arrive at hotel

5.00pm - Welcome

5.30pm - Workshop: What is confidence?

6.00pm - Let's get to know each other: What better way to kick off the retreat than with a cocktail making masterclass. Learn how to make 3 delicious cocktails packed full of confidence.

7.00pm - 3 Course dinner

9.00pm - Mindset session: Journaling + guided mediation


7.30-9.00am - Breakfast

9.30am - Workshop: Why we suffer from imposter syndrome + how we can tackle it

11.30am - Break

12.00pm - Visit to Tintern Abbey + countryside walk

2.00pm - Workshop: What are limiting beliefs + how to overcome them

4.00pm - Break

5.00pm - Workshop: Intentional mindset work vs general mindset work

7.00pm - 3 Course dinner

9.00pm - Mindset session: Journaling + guided meditation


7.30-9.00am - Breakfast

9.30am - Workshop: Why it's important to step outside your comfort zone

12.00pm - Lunch (not included)

1.30pm Thank you + farewell


Rebecca Hawkes is a Confidence & Mindset Coach from the UK. She began her journey into entrepreneurship as a Social Media Manager before transitioning into the world of coaching.

For the past 15 years, Rebecca has been on her own confidence journey and has learned how to manage her anxiety through the use of mindset work.

She's gone from being too afraid to leave the house to quitting her job, traveling solo and starting two online businesses.

What caused these big transformations in her life?

An increase in confidence and the belief that she could do anything she set her mind to.

Now, Rebecca's on a mission to inspire, encourage and educate people around the world to make the same choices to live their best, most confident lives.

I’m in, what next?

It’s time to secure your spot!

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Read the terms of the Winter Confidence Retreat here.

If you’re booking with a friend, get in touch with Rebecca via email ( so she can send you a discounted invoice.

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Rebecca Hawkes Testimonials

Rebecca Hawkes 

is a Social Media Manager + Strategist turned Confidence & Mindset Coach for Social Media Managers. 

When she's not enjoying coaching calls with her 1:1 clients, she's spending her time relaxing with a little yoga or a glass of fizz - depends what time of day it is really. 

Originally from Essex in the UK, Rebecca currently lives on the island Utila, Honduras with her Scuba Diving boyfriend Tom. 



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